Do you cry while buying a home? it’s okay survey says 50% do!

Home buying used to be a simple transaction, but today’s market is increasingly competitive and complex, with thousands of homes on the market at any given time, many of which are only advertised for a short time before they’re snatched up by another buyer. The process can be emotionally draining, leaving many buyers feeling stress, frustration, and even tears. But the new Zillow Home Purchase Sentiment Survey shows that 50% of buyers say the process left them feeling emotional. In fact, the survey shows that feeling emotional during the home buying process is a common experience for many buyers, regardless of their purchase status.

More than 65% of Gen Z buyers and 61% of millennial buyers report crying at least once during their home-buying journey. And, Nearly 90% of recent buyers said at least one aspect of the home-buying process was stressful according to the new Zillow survey.

Buying a home can be challenging for many reasons. Among those buyers surveyed, 62% were stressed about being able to find a home within their budget, 61% were stressed about not having enough homes to choose from, and 58% were stressed about finding a home in their preferred neighborhood.

The results come at a critical point in the housing market, when the housing market has come to be defined by low inventory and high demand, with 60% of home sellers reporting at least two offers on their homes. The result has been a frustrating experience for many buyers, with 40% of those polled saying the process left them feeling frustrated, and another 32% saying the process left them feeling stressed. More than half of all homes sold in the last three months went for more than the asking price, up from 37 percent in the prior corresponding period. Now, with mortgage rates near their peak, buyers still have an opportunity to sell before they pay off their mortgage. is a data-driven home buying platform that uses machine learning to support consumers in finding the home they want for their families. Flipeer uses advanced data science to create a home buying experience that is deeply personal. Join our waiting list if you are a homebuyer or home seller. If you flip houses check our Redfin companion to detect deals.

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