Is it worth upgrading your home before selling?

Home upgrades can sometimes be a costly endeavor, but they can make a big difference when it comes to selling your home. While upgrades don’t always increase the value of a home, they can make your home appear newer and more luxurious to potential buyers, which can increase its selling price.

Most homeowners would like to have a crystal ball that would allow them to predict the value of their home and determine if it’s worth renovating before trying to sell. “A house is not a home until it is a home,” says Wendy Lane, author of ”Curb Appeal: 53 Ways to Appeal to Buyers.” “It’s a unique situation,” she says. “With real estate, you never really know what a home is going to be worth until you have it on the market. Traditionally, one has to rely on a combination of ‘traditional’ market data, knowledge of the local housing market and human experience to determine if a home is likely to increase in value.

Flipeer uses Artificial Intelligence to help you understand whether it’s worth upgrading your home. Flipeer will provide a price estimate for your home, based on multiple factors. Flipeer will then give you a suggestion on what upgrades could be beneficial. The Flipeer AI will offer three suggestions to improve your home before it goes on the market. You can decide which you like best and act on that.

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