How flipping today requires the investor to think outside the box

When you flip houses, you need to think beyond the walls of your new structure.
The costs involved in flipping houses — and even the effort itself — can deter first-time investors. You can pay a lot for the up-front costs of buying a property, a lot for the cost of the house, a lot for the cost of the land, and a lot for the cost of the improvements — for a total cost of $50,000 or more, if the purchase price is high enough. Also, you have to consider the land it sits on, how to make the most of it, and what it will look like once finished.

The real estate industry is one of the most aggressive industries in the world. And flipping is no longer just about flipping houses, but has become the preferred way for investors to generate cash. Flipping today is arguably more daunting than flipping a house was 10 years ago. The specter of flipping a house sounds daunting, but flipping today isn’t as difficult as it was 10 years ago. Technology can help a flipper keep its costs down by helping to be aware of the changing dynamics in the market before getting involved. uses Artificial Intelligence to help you understand whether it’s worth investing in a particular house. Flipeer will provide a price estimate for houses and collect comps based on multiple factors. Flipeer will then give you a suggestion on what upgrades could be beneficial. The Flipeer AI will offer three suggestions to start your flip project. You can decide which you like best and act on that.

Download the Google-Chrome extension and start by finding the property on let Flipeer analyze the property and provide you with a study. check

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